Hello!  My name is Kristi.  Welcome to my little space on the internet.  In the last twelve months, a lot has happened for our family.  My husband and I married, combined our two families, welcomed a new baby (bringing the total to four), and bought a small dilapidated farm.  I quit my job of ten years to stay at home with the baby for a little while and to get things in order at our new farmstead.  We are interested in growing and raising our own food organically and becoming as self-sufficient as possible.  I am on a mission to grow our own vegetables and herbs and to master food preservation techniques such as freezing, canning, and drying to ensure our family has a steady, dependable supply of healthy, organic, farm fresh food year around.  When I’m not fledgling around on the farm, I love cooking and crafting.  Neither my husband nor I have any real farm experience to speak of, so everything is trial and error right now.  Join my family and me in our journey to create a more wholesome, natural, sustainable life.

Our new farmstead…

Our New Farmstead