Paleo Flank Steak Fajitas with Plantain Rice and Chimichurri Sauce

Paleo Flank Steak Fajitas with Plantain Rice and Chimichurri Sauce

These Paleo flank steak fajitas are broiled after soaking in a simple yet flavorful marinade, complemented perfectly by a bed of sweet-ish plantain rice and drizzled with a wonderfully spicy chimichurri sauce.

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These Paleo flank steak fajitas with plantain rice are everything I love about healthy dinners and everything I love about Mexican food all rolled into one delicious meal! If you’re looking for a keto option, just switch out the plantain rice with cauliflower rice.

These recipe instructions may look complicated, but they’re not. The important thing is getting everything prepared and planned as per the instructions so you can finish the steak, rice, and sauce at the same time. We drizzle everything with a pre-made chimichurri sauce (that’s keto-friendly, Paleo-certified and ah-maze-ing, BTW) to save you hours of roasting, peeling, and seeding peppers and blending!

Whip up a Keto Serrano Margarita while your steak is marinating, and you’ll be golden!

Here’s how to make perfect Paleo flank steak fajitas.

  • Marinate the flank steak in a basic but flavorful mixture for at least 30 minutes. One or two hours is better, but overnight is not recommended because the acid that breaks down the fibers (good thing) can go too far and make it tough (bad thing). The marinade needs to have a good acid, an oil that can withstand very high temps, and salt at a minimum. Any other (complementary) spices you add are just icing on the steak.
  • Have the plantains riced and ready to cook before you start broiling the steak. Broiling is a fast process, and having your attention on something else may cause you to overcook the steak. Womp, womp. Hope Uber Eats is more reliable in your area than in ours.
  • Use a meat thermometer to monitor your steak after you flip it. I use this wired meat thermometer every….single…day. We have this mack daddy thermometer with Bluetooth for when we smoke huge slabs of meat outside on our Weber Smokey Mountain or Char-Griller Akorn thing.

Some things you should know: I received several packets of these yummy keto-friendly and Paleo-certified sauces from Kevin’s Natural Foods in exchange for trying them and creating a food blogger challenge recipe. I do not receive any compensation if you buy the product, and I only endorse products I love.

Plus there are no questionable ingredients, and these sauces are so reasonably priced ($4.99 at the time of this post + you can get a coupon on their site)! I’ll definitely keep these little packets of joy stocked in the pantry for months when we don’t have fresh peppers in the garden and any night I want a healthy, flavorful meal in less than an hour. (We’ll have a dedicated shelf in the camper, too!).

Find out more about Kevin’s Naturals products and peruse more recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Paleo Flank Steak Fajitas

Do I have to rub the dry seasonings into flank steak?

No, but please don’t leave my recipe a bad review for lacking flavor if you don’t.

Do I have to marinate flank steak?

Yes. It will be tough if you don’t.

Can I marinate flank steak overnight?

You shouldn’t. The acid breaks down the fibers too much, making them tough again.

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